This post is mainly for those who have booked their wedding and couple photo sessions with me.
I’d like to tell you about a few of my favourite spots for love story photos. My picks for today’s post are located in the National Arboretum, the National Gallery of Australia and the Lennox Gardens.

1. National Arboretum

-Beautiful scenic location
-Classic Canberran views of mountains and fields
-Amazing sunset or “golden hour” photos
-Ideal for couple, bridal and large group sessions
-Wide range of backgrounds and locations
-Not crowded on weekends
-Perfect at any time of the year

-It can get windy, especially in the evening
-If it rains – there is no shelter
-If it’s a sunny day– it can get quite hot
-Not suitable for a photo session between 11 am and 3 pm as the sun is too strong

It’s a fantastic spot for all variety of shots we can do on your wedding but we have to check the weather forecast beforehand.
Wedding photo in National Arboretum, Canberra.
2. National Gallery of Australia

-Iconic Canberran monuments and sculptures
-Just a few minutes walk to Lake Burley Griffin
-A wide range of natural and architectural backgrounds
-Suitable for any time of the day
-Looks fantastic at any time of the year
-If it rains or is too sunny – we always can shoot under cover

-Skyspace and grounds can get crowded on weekends during the opening hours

It’s a perfect place that offers protection against any weather condition and is ideal any time of the year, however it might get quite busy on the weekends.

Wedding in Canberra. National Gallery of Australia (NGA).
3. Lennox Gardens

-It’s a fabulous spot, especially in Spring as you can get photos with the pink cherry blossoms!-
-A wide range of natural backgrounds around the gardens along with some Japanese and Chinese sculptures
-Suitable for wedding ceremonies
-A good spot for any type of shoot
-Photo sessions can be organised at any time of the day

-It’s not at its best during late autumn or winter, as a lot of trees turn dull
-If it starts raining- there is no shelter
-It can get busy on the weekends and special events are sometimes held there

It’s an amazing place in Spring (with the cherry blossoms!) and you can organise to have your wedding ceremony by the lake. The location can get busy on the weekends or might be taken by a special event. There is no shelter if it rains, but the NGA is only a 5 min drive away.
Wedding in Canberra, Lennox gardens.
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